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Hi, I'm Aboli

UX / UI Designer, Product Designer

I believe a successful product is a combination of exceptional user experience, great brand values and accomplished business goals. I strive to achieve the same through my designs by providing visually appealing, WCAG contrast friendly, memorable, meaningful and easy to navigate user experiences by empathizing with and focusing on user requirements.

Explore my work below

Health and Hygiene

Responsive web design for a start-up        non-profit organization

Designed mobile-first responsive product including analytics dashboard to help management team access and interpret important data and reports at a glance and to access the revised volunteer management feature across multiple devices.

Industry:  Non-profit Start-up 

Role: UX Designer

Duration: 2 weeks | 80 hours | June 2023

Tools: Figma, Figjam, Optimal workshop, pen and                     paper,, Canva, Coolors

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iPhone 13a.png
​ HP Elite Dragonfly.png
iPhone Xdash.png
iPhone 13 Pros.png
iPhone 14r.png

Nail it

End-to-end mobile application for kids with ADHD condition

Designed this colorful app to help kids with ADHD condition manage and complete their homework on time under the observation of their legal guardian. Nail it has many important features, including, helping kids face their fears and seek help for ADHD.

Role: Product Designer

Industry:  Edtech and health

Duration: 2 weeks | 80 hours | June 2023

Tools:  Figma, FigJam, Optimal workshop, pen and                       paper,, Canva, Coolors

Spotify Live+

Adding a feature to Spotify 

Spotify Live+ feature was added to help users (focusing on physically challenged users) cast their device to television to enjoy live concerts in the comfort of their home and win exciting prizes by entering a contest.

Industry:  Entertainment

Role: Product Designer

Duration: 2 weeks | 80 hours | May 2023

Tools:  Figma, Figjam, Optimal workshop, pen and                      paper,, Canva

Samsung TV.png
iPhone 12 Proa.png
iPhone 12 Proc.png
sKillSage home.png


Responsive web design for a learning app

skillSage, a mobile-first application was designed to help users pursue their hobbies or learn new skills at their own pace while managing busy schedules. Students get a discount on subscription.

Industry:  EdTech

Role: UX Designer

Duration: 2 weeks | 80 hours | June 2023

Tools:  Figma, Figjam, Optimal workshop,                                        Canva, MS Office, Google docs, pen and paper


Responsive web design

Wayfarer is a place for travelers to discover new locations to visit around the world. Although it doesn’t People use it as a tool for researching where to travel next, based on their preferences.

Industry: Travel and tourism

Role:  UI Designer

Duration: 2 weeks | 80 hours | May 2023

Tools:  Figma

ROG Flow Z13.png
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