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About me

As a UX / UI designer, my mission is to connect with users' behavior and emotions and create aesthetically pleasing, functional, intuitive, and meaningful experiences that can achieve both user and business goals.

With over 15 years of experience in business project management and 2 years of experience in UX/UI design, I am a versatile and skilled professional who can deliver impactful and innovative solutions for various industries and domains.  I have successfully created and customized products for corporate clients, adapted to new technology advancements, and achieved a 100% client success ratio.

User experience is the first impression of your product. Let's work together to make it a great one! 

What is design?

To me, design consists of several elements that are required to build a product focusing on user requirements. It is a creative and systematic approach to making a product user-friendly. Effective designing can simplify people's life immensely. Accessibility-friendly designs can enhance user experience to a great level. In business, designing plays an important role as it has the potential to create a product that directly impacts the revenue of the company. Design concepts contribute to innovation and development. Below mentioned concepts are important to me while designing a product. Take a look at how I have incorporated these in my current designs. 

skillSage is tailor made to suit the needs of a working professional, a stay-at-home parent, a student and a senior citizen.

Health and hygiene design empathizes with business needs by providing responsive dashboard and user needs by simplifying volunteer management feature.

Nail it app has a feature named 'face your fears' which will help kids with ADHD  gain mental strength and overcome their fears. 

Wayfarer and Modura were amongst my first UI centric projects. I focused on keeping the design simple.

SpotifyLive+ feature helps physically challenged users to enjoy concerts from the comfort of their homes.

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